First stage of the project work in 2019

It is not the case that you can simply drive over the forest floor with the georadar equipment and measure the subsoil. This requires careful preparation of the measurement areas, which have to be cleared of undergrowth and vegetation close to the ground. First of all, this work was necessary at the presumed old entrance of the mine, where presumably blasting had taken place. We named the remains of the rock “Black Rock” because it has a strikingly dark colour, in contrast to the “White Rock”.
The whole mine area covers about 100,000 square metres, not a small area. It was and is too costly to clear it completely. Therefore, five so-called measuring corridors were laid out at intervals, running at right angles to the presumed direction of the main tunnel. These corridors are about 80 to 120 metres long and three to four metres wide. Power scythes and machetes proved to be the most useful tools during the field work.