Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Neubauer has been Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology since 2010 and teaches at the Institute for Prehistory and Historical Archaeology at the University of Vienna. In autumn 2018, he came to the Erzgebirge to walk the area in Deutschkatharinenberg and then make his decision whether or not to participate in this research project with his team. Only after Prof. Neubauer had examined the traces of the historic mine, namely the overburden at the old entrance area and the entire site, was he prepared to participate as a scientist in the Saxony project. The work of Prof. Neubauer and his team became world-famous through the most famous stele monument on the planet. Stonehenge. In the subsoil around the stone circle, they found countless anthropogenic, man-made structures that reinforced the myth of Stonehenge as an important cult site.